Why Don’t We Just Sue The British Museum?

by Michael J. Reppas II, Esq.


Sit on the jury and listen to the opening statement. Consider for yourself each piece of evidence submitted to you. Allow yourself to be transported back in time to experience the direct examination of Lord Elgin in 1816 before the British Parliament when he defended his actions and claimed ownership of the Parthenon Sculptures. And hear, for the first time, how a trial attorney would cross-examine Lord Elgin and present the case of the looting of the Parthenon. At the close of the trial, you decide who owns the Parthenon Sculptures.

Reppas’ first novel is a thrilling read, combining history, philosophy, ethics and the law into a fictional trial where the reader is compelled to participate. It is a unique piece of literature that both teaches and inspires the reader to stand up for what they believe. We are sure you will enjoy the adventure.


Noted trial attorney, historian, lecturer, scholar and author, Michael Reppas, embarked on journey to right a 200 year-old wrong. His latest novel, “Why Don’t We Just Sue The British Museum? A Litigator’s Perspective On The Elgin-Parthenon Marbles Debate” was written to answer one question: would you like to be the judge in the trial deciding who owns the Parthenon?  E-Volve Publishing is now proud to offer you that opportunity.

What others have said about the book:

“Michael J. Reppas II, Esq., one of the world’s foremost legal scholars on Cultural Property and the international debate over the Parthenon Sculptures/Elgin Marbles, has also just published an intensely researched book … giving a litigator’s perspective on the hotly debated issue.  It has been hailed as “an intense courtroom drama, a detailed history lesson, a compelling ethics course and an inspiring autobiography.”

Morfogen Associates/Ruder Finn Press, “News”, Fall 2012.

“One of the nice things about conversations with some lawyers is that even with a very difficult subject, they can demonstrate that much of the law is founded on common sense. Michael Reppas is a lawyer. He is also a Hellene, the kind that feels a responsibility to fight for the great Hellenic issues personally. In this case, for the return of the Parthenon Marbles. The heart of his learned yet entertaining book… is a fictional trial during which Reppas cross examines Lord Elgin (aka Thomas Bruce). He demonstrates that the notorious ambassador and art collector had no title to the Marbles, so neither does the British Museum.”

The National Herald, “What to do about the Parthenon Marbles – Reppas, in New Book, Says Sue!” November 21, 2012.


“After experiencing Reppas’ trial, no reasonable person could support the position of the British Museum.”
Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos, Chancellor, Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago